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Hugs In A Hurry & Before The Billions

Come on y'all - everyone is singing with nostalgia in the air!

Then and now

Mark Cuban: 1976 to now

Businessman Mark Cuban is no longer that little boy from Mount Lebanon High School in Pennsylvania. Between his tirades on the sidelines of Dallas Mavericks games or as an investor on Shark Tank, he always knows how to put on a show.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Family flashback

Hugs with a running start

Mom's will never need an excuse for a hug. A willing (and running) participant makes it ever so scrumptious.

Photo source: Flickr

Blast from the past

Wild wagons

Vans and wagons are a rare sight today on those mean streets overtaken by sedans and SUVs. One thing's for sure, it's hard to take your eyes off these disco era studs.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Photomyne user photo

Early century sisters

"This is my grandmother, Elizabeth Edelstein, with her sister Sophie. It was taken in 1902." What a treat it is to see photos that have survived over 100 years and still look stunning.

Photo source: Photomyne user Sandra Levine

We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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