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Comfy Couches & Posed Portraits

Smile for the memories you've had and also the ones just over the horizon.

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Cozy on the couch

Even the ugliest couch in the store can provide the perfect amount of plush comfort for the whole family.

Photo source: Creative Commons

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Gather 'round children

"This is my Aunt Florence with three of her four children: Andy, Charles and my godmother Gloria. The family resided in Carbondale, Pennsylvania and the photo is most likely from the 1930’s!"

Photo source: Photomyne user Mary Theresa Zazzera

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Blazers and smiles and bears, oh my!

While some welcome the presence of the school mascot, other's still have reservations with a walking and bear in any form.

Photo source: Creative Commons

The way we were

Give me a break

Yard work won't do itself, but every hard worker deserves a moment's reprieve to sit back and relax.

Photo source: Creative Commons

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