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Noon Naps & Silver Sluggers

Open your eyes wide enough to see not only what's in front of you but also the light we've left behind.

Guess the historical figure

Who am I?

Jump down the rabbit hole of my life, and you'll find that I created one of the most recognizable magical worlds in literary history. Born on this day in 1832 as Charles Dodgson, it would take three more decades before my tea party hit the shelves.

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Seasonal style confusion

Don't let those smiles fool you into thinking shorts are ever appropriate for mid-winter shoveling.

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Blast from the past

Before La-Z-Boys

A quick snooze comes in many forms and often without notice. Replace the recesses of your leather la-z-boy with a gentle wicker sway for a taste of relaxation's past.

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Casey at the bat

Keep the meatballs away from this slugger, or you'll be serving up dingers all game long.

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Author Lewis Carroll is today's historical figure.
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