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Playing With Puppets & Hello To Hawkeye

We've been stowing time through photos for far too long to let those memories stay locked away.

The way we were

Matching a marionette

Playing with puppets is more fun when the character dangling below takes its style cues from a familiar place.

Photo source: Creative Commons

On this day

Happy Birthday Alan Alda

Let's wish a big happy 85th birthday to acting icon Alan Alda. Whether you prefer him as the wisecracking Hawkeye on MASH or another of his myriad roles, Alda's on-screen presence is always welcomed.

Photo source: Flickr

Blast from the past

Royal congratulations

Olympic glory is so hard to come by, even Queen Elizabeth makes time to congratulate the victors.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Things we Slacked

Welcome to our (famous) home

Ever wonder what it's like when celebrities are at home? Elle put together a gallery of classic Hollywood stars from the comfort of their homes.

Photo source: Creative Commons

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