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Mondays At Macbeth & Nosy Newspapers

A small step into a photo leads to a giant leap into nostalgia's embrace.

Decipher the decade

Fair is foul & foul is fair

The legendary Lafayette Theater in Harlem is ready for a packed house to see one of Shakespeare's finest. The only question is will you grab a ticket for its showing in this decade.

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On this day

Happy Birthday Jules Verne

The Father of Science Fiction earned his title with legendary novels such as Journey to the Center of the Earth. He certainly has earned his praises and his position as the 2nd most translated author ever. Now, let's shower him with birthday love as he was born on this day in 1828.

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The way we were

Reading the fine print

Someone might be ready for thicker glasses if this is a common practice.

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The 1930s (1936) is today's deciphered decade.
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