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Dudes In Denim & Tossing Tykes

Cloudy memories live in the attic of your life until you dust them for a quick smile.

Blast from the past

Higher and higher

Learning to fly starts at a young age even when you don't have wings.

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Trivia time

Denim drip

Denim shirts, shorts, jeans, and jackets are style staples, however, when worn together turn faux pas in a flash. Colloquially known as a 'Canadian tuxedo', this term originated after which iconic singer was refused entry to a Vancouver hotel for his denim-on-denim get-up?

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From our Facebook

Love and marriage

"My parents got married on Valentine’s Day because the news station was holding a contest where 3 winners would get it free. The news station focused mainly on them because they were the best couple. My Mom found a dress at a thrift store for $1, but the owner gave it to her for free. It might not have been the grandest or most ideal wedding, but it meant a lot to them. This Valentine’s Day will mark 37 years together, 23 of those years married."

Photo source: Priscilla Elam

Things we Slacked

Attics of past lives

The past sneaks up on us in mysterious ways. Just ask David Whitcomb. After moving into a new office, he discovered an attic filled with old photos from the turn of the century, including a shot of activist Susan B. Anthony.

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Bing Crosby is today's trivia answer.
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