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Violin Visions & Very Venice

Winter is still in full force in the days ahead. At least old memories have the brightness of spring.

On this day

The world's most famous defunct arena

Madison Square Garden got its nickname as 'the world's most famous arena' thanks to an endless list of iconic athletes, stars, and events that have come through its doors. Did you know that the current building is actually the third iteration of MSG? MSG III closed on this day in 1968.

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The way we were

Starting from scratch

You can't become Yo-Yo Ma overnight. However, with lessons and diligent practice, nothing is out of the question.

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Rivers as roads

Floating on through life is a-okay in the care of a Venice water taxi.

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Rhythm and religion

In the St. Thomas parish of Jamaica, one is bound to find followers of Kumina, a belief system originating in the Congo. Its secular celebrations of dance, drumming, and music are often at the heart of its principles of healing.

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