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Trumpet Triumphs & Fish Frenzies

Our cup is overflowing with memories so let's drink up.

On this day

Happy birthday MJ

You didn't forget about Michael Jordan since The Last Dance hype died down, did you? If so, we're here to remind you of his excellence on his 58th birthday.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Things we Slacked

From trash to treasured

Countless old photos have sadly found an eternal resting place at the bottom of the trash. Fortunately, one Scottish photographer's work found a lifeline thanks to a recycling center employee. Take a look at The New York Times' story into this uncovered trove of memories from the Shetland Islands.

Photo source: Creative Commons

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Catch of the day

A catch like this will feed a lucky town for a while. Just make sure you get to the market early for the freshest finds.

Photo source: Photomyne user Bobo Bryngstedt

The way we were

Bring on the brass

Playing one trumpet is so played out and playing three is just excessive. Good luck finding the right sound handling double duty though.

Photo source: Creative Commons

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