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Loving Lace & Big Balloons

When you get lonely and there's nobody by your side, a quick look to the past will take you for a ride.

Decipher the decade

From the mouth of a mollusk

Even a single pearl exudes an extra level of elegance to whatever or whomever it adorns. Of course, it takes the hard work of a diver, like the one shown from this decade, to uncover those precious whites.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Then and now

Weather watching

Talking about the weather is a bit less casual when you have real data to toss in the conversation.

Photo source: Creative Commons

The way we were

Dog days of summer

In the middle of winter, it's wishful thinking to look back at those brighter summer days and the jubilation they bring.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Blast from the past

Happy hobby-ing

Downtime doesn't feel so down when you're knee-deep in your favorite activity. Whether making lace, reading, shooting hoops, or collecting stamps, the experience is entirely yours.

Photo source: Creative Commons

The 1920s are today's deciphered decade (1921).
We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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