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Dramatic Dancers & Singin' Sly

Even the sounds of waves crashing on the shore can't soothe your soul like the right photo.

Decipher the decade

Camped out

The gang's all here and ready to enjoy the great outdoors on a camping trip in this decade.

Photo source: Creative Commons

On this day

Happy Birthday Sly Stone

Everybody, dance to the music and celebrate the 78th birthday of Sylvester Stewart, a.k.a. Sly Stone. Life is that much funkier thanks to Sly, born on this day in 1943.

Photo source: Creative Commons

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Seeking justice

"After I read The Spirit of Crazy Horse by Peter Matthiessen, I was so intrigued and upset because it’s all so horrible that I started working on [Leonard Peltier's] case. I went to listen to him in prison a couple of times. The warden took pictures of us, haha. He was like a rock star there thanks to all of his national support and support from around the world. He was like Nelson Mandela to native people."

Photo source: Photomyne user Elisabet Rydell

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Together we dance

A dance troupe brings out the dramatics before they hit the stage posing for a pre-show snapshot.

Photo source: Creative Commons

The 1960s are today's deciphered decade (1968).
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