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Audacious Acrobats & Students' Style

The wind is at our backs as we sail into another week filled with joyful memories of the decades behind us.

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Insanity from above

If practice makes perfect, we prefer to be imperfect and skip this specific day of acrobat training.

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Age-old portrait

"This is my mother's godmother, Suzanne Mertz, born 1885. The picture was taken in Brussels, Belgium by A. Louvois in 1909 when she was 24 years old."

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The way we were

Act naturally

College students of the past always look so damn cool regardless of the decade. At Atlanta University, these ladies taught the class on looking good.

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The edge of curiosity

It seems as if what lies beyond is even a mystery to these young ladies. Youthful curiosity will likely take its course.

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We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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