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Crafting With Clay & Canine Kisses

These vintage photos are not an illusion, so you might as well try to free your mind for the ride that's ahead.

The way we were

A hard clay's night

In the right hands, any mound of clay has a bright future ahead. All it needs is a quick spin on the wheel and a good sweat in the kiln.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Blast from the past

Calisthenics class

Once upon a time, calisthenics classes went head to head with exercise, especially in schools. However, as we adjusted to more at-home workouts, calisthenics has come roaring back.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Photomyne user photo

Reunited and it feels so good

"It's unbelievable to think this photo was taken in 1972! My parents divorced when I was young and we immigrated to South Africa when I was 14. This photo was from the first time I saw him and my grandmother again. It was a very emotional visit to be reunited with them after 19 years. No words can describe how happy I was on this visit to Hamburg."

Photo source: Photomyne user Hilda Coetzee

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Let it happen

Resistance is only the wrong choice when smothered in canine love.

Photo source: Creative Commons

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