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Jackie Plays & Jungle Gym Days

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On this day

The unsinkable sinks

Even Jack and Rose's unimpeachable love wasn't enough to keep the RMS Titanic afloat on this day in 1912.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Celebrity spotlight

Breaking barriers

Sure, sports are not for everyone, but some things within them are simply bigger than just a game. On this day in 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and instantly became a civil rights icon.

Photo source: Creative Commons

Photomyne user photo

Dream chasing

"My photographer friend Donavan took this photo of me during our university years in Canada. We were just playing around in a park and he took it for me in a rundown boiler room. I love this photo because it captured the real me during the time after I left China to pursue my dream."

Photo source: Photomyne user Yan Cui

The way we were

Monkeying around

Up, down, all around. A day at the playground was never complete without running, climbing, hanging, swinging, and sliding on every piece of equipment in sight.

Photo source: Creative Commons

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