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Time For Tanning & Tonight's Talent

The ride to the past won't take long even as the clock keeps ticking further from the present.

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The show must go on

"This photo is very important for me because my grandmother is the main character. She was a very interesting woman - she sang beautifully and played the piano. It was taken when she was 18 years old at a presentation of a Zarzuela that she and family friends represented on their holidays at an estate in Boyacá, Colombia. I found this photo in my father’s house in an old photo album. I love the way photos transport us to another time and tell us an unknown story that reveals our past."

Photo source: Photomyne user Ana Maria Paez

From our Twitter

Bows for birthdays

Defending your birthday cake from intruders is nearly as important as blowing out the candles.

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The way we were

Let the sun shine

Tanning season is around the corner. Better get that base layer started.

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Celebrity spotlight

Tonight's funny guy

It's never easy filling a legend's shoes. Jay Leno had the impossible task of replacing Johnny Carson on Tonight, but 20 years on the job proved he was no slouch.

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