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British Biscuits & Men With Messages

So, you heard about our midday ramble. Here's one you've never seen before.

Trivia Time

Message received

On this day in 1844, Samuel Morse sent the world's first telegraphed message. What did the message say?

Photo source: Creative Commons

Blast from the past

Simple style

Rural Iceland is filled with gorgeous and serene scenery from end to end. You likely won't find many wearing clothes as traditional as these women, however.

Photo source: Creative Commons

The way we were

Biscuit bakers and boxers

Wright's started making tasty biscuit snacks in 1790. And while it closed its doors after over 180 years in 1973, the advent of the assembly line extended its life and national reach in the UK.

Photo source: Flickr

From our Instagram

Fire burn and cauldron bubble

Keep an eye out for witches in your neighborhood. Sometimes they don't wait till Halloween to make an appearance.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

The trivia answer is 'What hath God wrought.'
We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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