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Smiles From Stoops & Sandwiches

Open your eyes to the past and feast on our lunchtime memory machine.

B&W Colorization

Smiling on the stoop

Everyone together now - 1,2,3. Say cheese!

Photo source: Austrian National Library

Guess the historical figure

Who am I?

Born on this day in 1893, I worked my butt off to have my voice heard. However, being the first American black woman to sing on the radio was only my first stop on the color-barrier-breaking train. In 1939, I won an Oscar for my role in Gone with the Wind, the first for an African-American.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

Blast from the past

Boxed up

If a picture says a thousand words, how many words are stuffed in this box?

Photo source: Unsplash

Family flashback

Comfort food with the fam

Just remember that a sandwich a day keeps the pain away. It's all smiles in between two slices of bread, especially when shared with your loved ones.

Photo source: Flickr

Hattie McDaniel is today's historical figure.
We'll be back tomorrow. See you then :-)

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