Once you’ve scanned your photos, it’s a great idea to attach details to them so that the story behind each photo can stay with it. Here’s how.

Adding photo details

You have the option of adding details to either a single photo or a batch of photos that share the same information. To do so, choose an album, tap Manage, select the photo/s you want to add details to, and then tap Edit.

Here you can add various types of details:

  • Title or description of what’s happening in the photo.
  • Date or date range if you know it. It could be a specific date or just the year.
  • Location of the photo. A list of locations out of the “Google places” repository will appear once you begin typing.
  • Names of people in the photo/s.
How to detect text on a photo How to detect text on a photo

If you want to add details to a single photo (or one photo at a time) you’ll see more editing options such as:

  • Text detection if the image contained photographed or handwritten text like in a scrapbook.
  • Voice / Audio-recording of up to 60 seconds.
  • Scanning the back of the photo
Viewing a back-of-the-photo scan Viewing a back-of-the-photo scan

Tagging faces of people in your photos
In addition to listing names of the people in a photo, you can also tag faces in your photos. When viewing an image, select the Tag people icon and the app will automatically detect faces in the image. Tap Tag this person to type his or her name into the field and press the ✓ icon to save these details.

How to tag faces How to tag faces

Adding details to an album

If you have an album dedicated to a specific time range, event, or person, you might want to add those details to it. Go to the album screen and tap on the title at the top-left, then you can add a title, date, location, names of people in the album, and a voice recording.


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This page was last updated in December 2020

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