Once you're done scanning, the app will save the images in an album. Now is your chance to make your scanned collection truly your own and full of meaning: add the stories behind the photos.

In Photo Scan by Photomyne, there are several ways to add details to photos: (a) Adding details to an album - one set of details for the entire album (here's how), (b) Selecting multiple photos from different albums and applying the same details to all of them at once, and (c) Adding to details to a single photo at a time. In this guide, we will focus on the last option.

Adding details to a photo

There are different ways to add details to a photo. These include typing in text, asking the app to detect text in the original scan shot, voice-recording one minute of you or someone else telling the story, and scanning the back of a photo (to capture handwritten details).

All these different options share the same first steps: Go to a single photo in an album, and tap the 3-dot icon on the bottom right. This will open the photos’ options menu. Tap the first option, Edit photo details.

Option #1: Typing in text

Once on the photo details screen, simply type in your text in the Add a description field. Note that you can also add the photo’s dates, location, and names. Tap the check sign icon on the top right to save your text changes.

Option #2: Asking the app to detect text for you

Once on the photo details screen, look for the red Detect text in the original shot link and tap that. This is a smart and automated process where the app searches the original scan shot for handwritten and printed text.

In the case where the text is found, the app will show you all the relevant results. Simply mark the relevant text result(s) and apply the changes. Your selection will appear in the photo details' description field. You can always override the detected text results and manually edit it however you please.

*Please note that this option applies only to photos scanned with the app, using the original device you first downloaded the app on. Meaning, it won’t apply to photos you imported from your camera roll, or when you access your photos from another device.

Option #3: Add audio annotations

This cool feature is also located right on the photo details screen. The bottom left corner has a Record option. Tap the red microphone button to start recording. Once you're done, tap the stop button. The recording will be saved automatically.

Option #4: Add scanned handwritten annotations

This, too, is available right on the photo details screen. The bottom right corner has a Scan the back option. This amazing option allows you to scan the back of the physical photograph. Here's a quick guide explaining how to do it.

Please note: The features in Options 2-4 are currently available only for iOS.