Although FilmBox and SlideScan’s AI automatically crops and corrects your scanned negatives or slides, you can also edit the photos manually to your liking.

To edit scanned photos, first tap on a photo from within the app to view it in full. A variety of icons will appear on the top and bottom of the image with which you can use for editing. These options include:

  • Rotate: Each tap of the icon in the bottom left corner will rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise.

  • Flip: Press the triangles icon to flip the image horizontally (like a mirror). This might come in handy if you scan a negative or slide on the wrong side.

  • Crop: Adjust the boundaries of your scanned image to your desired size. This is for additional changes to the auto-cropped image.

  • Filters: Add an artistic touch (in addition to the auto-color correction) to your scanned photos and tap the magic wand icon. Try them all to see your photos in a new light.

  • Colorize: Tap the paintbrush at the top to colorize black and white photos and see them like never before.


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This page was last updated in February 2021