After you’ve scanned your scanned artwork, you can export them outside the app too. To do so, tap Select button at the top-right of one of your lockers. You’ll then be asked to select the photos you’d like to share (a.k.a export from the app). Once you’ve selected your items, you’ll see the following sharing options to choose from:

Save - you'll be asked to fill in your email, and then the app will send you a link to access your scanned items on your computer. If you tap skip, you can save items straight to your device.

* Please note, if you've added details to the selected items, you can choose to save them with or without those added details. If you choose 'with details', the items will save with a Polaroid-like white border and your added text. 'Without details' saves only the image file itself.

Share photo - select between three options:

  • Save photo - same as 'Save' option listed by itself in the menu.
  • Email photo - send batches of up to 5 items (due to file size restrictions) in an email, or share more than 5 items through a viewable link.
  • More - send items through apps on your device like iMessage and WhatsApp.

Collage - assemble beautiful collages of up to 6 photos for a bit of creativity.


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This page was last updated in April 2022