While it’s pretty exciting to scan and view your photos within the Photomyne app, there’s plenty of ways for you to move them outside the app for whatever your needs might be. You might want to share them with loved ones, move them to a PC for backup, or for some other reason. Here are all of the available exporting options:

  1. Save / download photos to your device / computer - By default, the photos are kept within the app. If you would like to download them to your mobile device or computer, follow this guide.

  2. Share photos with others - You can send the photos directly from the app to your family and friends via the different sharing apps on your mobile device (such as email, messages, etc.), follow this guide to learn how.

  3. Share your Photomyne account with others - You can share all the photos you scanned along with their details via a “family website” - a private website we will prepare for you to share. Read more about what and how here.

  4. Share photos in creative ways - You can share your photos in a form of a photo collage or slideshow. Read more here.


This page was last updated in June 2020