If you've put in the effort of adding details to your photos - descriptions, dates, locations, names, or voice recordings, and scanned handwritten notes/text on the front or back - you deserve to see them with your photos. Photomyne's app is the best place to see all your photos and details together, but you can also enjoy them outside of the app. Here’s how:

Saving photos with details to your mobile device:
From inside Photomyne's apps, you can save any added details together with its individual photo. Each photo will save with its details at the bottom like a Polaroid with handwritten notes. Read more about saving photos here.

Saving your entire Photomyne library to your computer:
Enjoy your scanned photo library on a big screen and log in to your account online on a computer. Any details you’ve added to photos will appear when viewing a single image. You can then save all your photos to your computer via the ‘Download all photos’ option. Your details will be saved in a text file (.txt) or an audio file (.mp3) with the same file name as your photo. Read more about saving all your photos here.

Sharing your photos with others via a mobile app:
Give your friends and family the option to view your scanned library in a Photomyne-like-mobile experience - even if they don't have a Photomyne account - with the Photomyne Share companion app. They can view your entire digital library including any details you’ve added to photos from the comfort of their own phone. To read more about Photomyne Share, click here.

Sharing your photos with others via a web link:
When sharing more than 5 photos from the Photomyne app, recipients will get a web link to open on their computers and view the photos along with the details you added. Read more about sharing photos here.


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This page was last updated in June 2023