FamilyStars brings the whole family together to share the photos and memories that make up your entire history up to today. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Choose a challenge

To open a challenge, first select a category. Once you’ve selected a topic and set the time parameters, press Start challenge & invite to activate the challenge.

Step 2: Invite your family

Now that your challenge has officially begun, invite your family to participate. Challenge invitees don’t need to download the app, they just need to open the invite link for a web-based experience.

Step 3: Adding responses

Now you’ll be able to see your family’s photo and text submissions coming in. You can also add your own while the challenge is running Once the challenge ends, the app will automatically generate a photo story with everyone’s responses for you all to enjoy.

Please note, as responses come in you can review them by clicking on the participant/family member’s name. If you think any of the photos/texts submitted are not appropriate and don’t want to include them in the final photo story, you can hide them.

Step 4: View and enjoy

Once the Challenge ends and the photo story is ready, click the challenge tile on the app’s main screen to view it. The photo story will also be available in the link you sent your family, inviting them to view the final product.

Ready for another? Start a new challenge and turn FamilyStars into a priceless source of shared memories. Now, let’s get nostalgic!



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This page was last updated in December 2020