[A] First, select the room or space where you’d like to perform the scanning. For scanning photos, we recommend using a place with ample natural light, preferably next to a window (for more tips on scanning photos visit here).

For scanning photo slides or camera film negatives, it’s best to do so in a dark room using a backlight source (consult our tips for scanning slides and negatives),

[B] Using the screw in the top section of the mount, secure your phone to the mounting piece.

[C] Using the screw in the base of the arm (the piece that attaches to the table or surface), secure the base of the phone mount to the table.

[D] Place your phone inside the phone holder, in the top section of the phone mount. Adjust the size so it holds your phone tightly in place.

[E] Adjust the arm (extend or shorten the flexible part of the arm) so your phone is positioned directly above your photos (in parallel to the photos rather than at an angle). If you are scanning negatives or slides the phone should be held upright, parallel to the backlight source.

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