What is a Family Account

Sharing your entire library of photos is possible with Photomyne through a Family account. A Family account puts all of your scanned albums on display in a photo website only accessible through a private link. Think of it as your own online gallery.

Your site will reflect your account in the app, so any actions taken in the app will occur in the photo site too. For example, if you removed an album in the app, it would no longer be visible on the website.

How to create a Family Account?

Please note that a Family account is an additional upgrade to an existing account. If you don’t have a Photomyne account, you must first create one first you can do so here and then upgrade.

To upgrade to a Family account, head to your profile in the app by tapping the icon/photo in the top right corner of the main screen. Scroll down and tap “Upgrade to a family account”.

Once you complete the upgrade, follow the prompt to activate your photo website. Once activated, all your scanned photos in the app will be uploaded to the website and ready to share. Just send your family (or friends) the link and they can see your photos from a mobile device or computer without installing the app.

Benefits of a Family account

Here is what’s to gain by upgrading your account:

  1. No additional cost - only one person upgrades and the entire family can access the website for free.

  2. Safe & private - use the optional password-protected access to ensure only family members have access to your photos. Also, you can choose which albums will be displayed on your family account website.

  3. Everybody can participate - family members will be able to add photos and comments to the website (this will require your approval).

  4. Website always up-to-date - even if you scan more photos after you share the website, it will continue updating automatically.
Once your photo website is activated, you can manage the settings as seen here. Once your photo website is activated, you can manage the settings as seen here.


This page was last updated in December 2020