Viewing and editing your scanned photos on your phone is easy, but you can also do so on a computer. Follow these steps to open a web link and see your photos.

  1. Open the app - On the main app screen, tap the computer icon. You can then either enter your email to send yourself a link to open and access your photos on a PC or open a QR code scanner to scan a code on the Photomyne website and access your photos there.

  2. On your computer - If you sent yourself a link, open the email you received from Photomyne and click the link inside it to see your photos on your computer. If you opened the QR code scanner, head to, and click on ‘QR code’ in the menu at bottom of the page (under Services). You'll then see a QR code with instructions on how to proceed.

  3. Scan the QR code - With your phone in-hand and the QR scanner open, point your phone at the QR code.

  4. View your account - After you scan the QR code, the page will reload immediately with all of your scanned photos from the app.


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This page was last updated in April 2022