At Photomyne, we did our best to develop a photo scanning app that simplifies the photo digitization process as much as possible. We tried to make it a fun, easy, and fast way of converting old photographs into digital photo files.

Even so, we understand that each person's scanning experience with the app is different. This is exactly why we conducted an extensive research among available photography accessories to find the ones that are best for improving the scanning process, and enhancing the quality of the final results. Below are the accessories we currently recommend.

Professional shooting tent

Why we recommend it: Even the most professional scanner can't avoid glare and reflections in their scans. This is why we recommend the shooting tent - it softens the lights, and eliminates shadows and reflection marks on your scans.

What app is this good for? Photo Scan or Photo Scan Plus by Photomyne

To learn more about our recommended photo shooting tent and to get it on, visit this page.

Adjustable phone stand

Why we recommend it: It helps to keep your device still while scanning, and helps in eliminating blurry or pixelated-looking scans. Plus, our app users have reported that this accessory -both affordable and small in size- significantly improves scanning results.

What app is this good for? Photo Scan, FilmBox, SlideBox and Colorize (if you scan a B&W photos before colorizing it).

To learn more about our recommended phone stand and to get it on, visit this page.


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This page was last updated in March 2020