While our apps are the same for everyone, users’ scanning experiences might be different from person to person. A number of factors might play into how your photos will look once you’ve scanned them such as the lighting, condition of the photos, or album type.

For additional help when scanning, we recommend these accessories to enhance the quality of your photos and remove unwanted outside elements.

Adjustable phone stand

Why we recommend it: It helps to keep your device still while scanning and helps in eliminating blurry or pixelated-looking scans. Plus, our app users have reported that this accessory significantly improves scanning results.

To learn more about our recommended phone stand, where to get it on Amazon.com, visit this page.

Ultra-thin light pad

Why we recommend it: While any bright backlight can work as you scan your slides with SlideScan, a light pad makes it that much easier. Place your slides directly on the pad for quick scanning. You can even scan multiple images at once.

To learn more about our recommended light pad, where to get it on Amazon.com, and to see product reviews, visit this page.

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This page was last updated in March 2020