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Photomyne Presents: Cathi Nelson

Meet the godmother of photo management, Cathi Nelson, CEO of The Photo Managers. She spoke to us about why we take photos, and how we tell the story of our lives.

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Photomyne Presents: Ronald Schagrin

Meet Ronald, a Photomyne user from Florida that took advantage of his time at home to scan thousands of family photos.

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Slideshows Get A Boost & All-New Text Detection

Introducing our brand-new text detection feature for saving every detail from your photos. Plus, we've revamped the slideshow feature for more impressive and personalized creations.

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Photomyne Presents: Maggi Ward

Photomyne user Maggi Ward shares about life in Southeast Asia with her father fighting in Vietnam and her brothers causing ruckus in Thailand.

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New! Scan The Back Of Your Photos & Add Individual Voice Notes

Scanning the back of your photos and recording voice notes for individual photos makes our newest update a major win for detailing your past.

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Photomyne Presents: Fernanda Lins

After a Google search for a photo scanner, Fernanda found the perfect way to hold on to memories of lost loved ones. She shared her story with us.

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Photomyner Close-Up: Meet Megan

While scanning her family's old slides, photographer Megan Rigdon went on a journey into the past through her grandfather's lens. She shared her story with us.

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Photomyne Suggests: How We're Staying Busy At Home

Here are some of our favorite apps, shows, activities to pass the time while stuck inside.

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Don't Let These Disasters Happen To Your Photos

Your photos are sitting safely in albums, or so you thought. If you're not careful, this could happen to you.

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Home Projects You Never Had Time For.....Until Now

You've put off these tasks for years because you didn't have time. Now you have more than enough to get them done.

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