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Asset 146
Weaver home approx 1850. Built in 1840
David Payne
The John O. Gibby and Laura H. Taylor Gibby Family. Back row, l to r: Olive May Gibby (August 25, 1881-December 2, 1966), Thomas William Gibby (February 18, 1879-July 28, 1937), Lottie Jane Gibby (August 29, 1884-August 7, 1979), George Franklin Gibby (February 12, 1878-May 23, 1965) and Eva Gibby (July 20, 1886-December 18, 1979). Second row, l to r: Gladys Marie Gibby (October 7, 1888-February 26, 1977), John Owens Gibby (April 29, 1841-April 2, 1926), Laura Henrietta Taylor Gibby (February 18, 1859-November 21, 1943) holding Murrell Earnest Gibby (March 25, 1900-May 5, 1961), and Lillian Gibby (July 17, 1890-October 18, 1987).
Shelley Diehl
This is the oldest photo we have . It is Christina MacFarlane nee McLeod. B. 1837 m. Murdoch. Came from the Isle of Lewis probably in 1851 and settled near Kincardine Ontario.
Margaret Coulter
Cabin built by the Thomas Todd Family about 1834. Dismantled January. 1993. The property currently owned by David Dozier.
Patricia Marx
Per Tordson Aasmundstad f. 3/5-1839. d. 3/7-1920. Kone 1 Kari Iversdotter Melby 1845-1883 Kone 2 Rønnaug Iversdotter Melby f. 1849. d.1947. Søkte kongen om tillatelse for å gifte seg med Rønnaug, og tillatelsen/kongebrevet er datert 29/9 1885
kjell bratlien
Annita Zver
John Henry Hilvers Born in Messing, Hanover, Germany April 9, 1818 Died in Benton Township, Wisconsin August 8, 1892 Gertrude Grotkin Born in Salsbergen, Germany September, 1, 1827 Died in Benton Township, Wisconsin March 16, 1893 Married in Potosi, WI on September 4, 1849
mary snider
Ann Sullivan O’Brien at age 88 yrs of age (1837-1928) posing with her great grandson, John James O’Brien in his wicker buggy. Ann was a devout Catholic, and in later years, could often be found praying her rosary on her front porch. Ann was born in Cobb Ireland and immigrated in May 1849 with her family.
Judith Berger O'Brien
Margaret Wooten Wells Born 1830 Married 1847 to John Humphrey. Wells
Millie Pickett
Levi Fishburn 8/9/1837-11/10/1903 Mary Jane Miller-Fishburn 10/20/1843-4/17/1933
Mel McCormick
Captain James Dean, 1829 - 1900
Lloyd Page
Built in 1829 in Miamitown corner of north and water streets
Sharon Blackaby
Elizabeth Rachel Davis. Here I am with my 2 1/2 year old sister, Jennifer Mary Davis. Summer, 1834.
E. Rachel Mason
John Grant Powell (1821 - 1898) and Amanda Elizabeth Batchelor (1837 - 1920)
Dianna Martin
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