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Asset 146
Mom DOB 12/29/1929
gus escamilla
Hengelo 12 juli 1931
Hans Reefman
Ray’s cousins, Ruby and Violet taking “Beauty" for a ride. Toowoomba. About 1925
Andrea Brownlow
August 6, 1928
Becky Bock
1915 Mens Bible Class Christian Sunday School-Brooklyn IN.Easter Sunday-Easter Sunday April 4th 1915
Tim Burk
1923 Cedar Key students
Pamela Wadley
OMG so vintage ! Looks like 1930
Chahinez Hafsaoui
Mariadahl Children’s Home, Cleburne, Kansas. Reverend Otto Olson Oleen accepted a call to the home and to Mariadahl Lutheran Church in 1931. The family moved there in 1932. Reverend Otto Olson Oleen and his family stayed there 14 years(until 1946).
Katie Norton
Mi abuelo materno de pie en el extremo derecho junto con soldados de la primera y única guerra entre Panama y Costa Rica. 192-
Julio Villarreal
Mis bisabuelos, español y cubana en Panamá. 1924
Julio Villarreal
Kitty, Bertha, Rose, Camp Upton 1917
Hilary Chasin
Tauno setä joka kaatui Viipurin linnan valtauksessa 1918
pauli huhtinen
1915 June Kathleen W Rice.
Cathleen Halliburton
בשנת 50 עם ציפורה ז''ל
רונן שרית
Grandpa Andrew Eckert in his Cavalry uniform at the beginning of the 20th century. Approximately 1910-1920
Sherri Hill
Charles John Read, January 1919, aged 4
Beth Paul
Born to be wild ! Taking the bike for a spin in London, England. 1930.
Deband Col Rogers
My father, John Rogers (1932-2004) aged 21 first job as a print compositor .
Deband Col Rogers
Irmgard,s birthday....20th . September 1992....( 1924.)
Hilda Coetzee
Albert Greenwood Otago Company 1916 Dunedin New Zealand
Barrie Greenwood
Equipede foit de la mine de bor dans les annees 1920-30
Alen radulovic
Philip Voss och Edwin Winne på Rådhuspladsen framför Hotel Bristol. Hotellet som 1917 stängdes efter konkurs på grund av en brand.
Jon Voss
Dorothy Thoen 2nd from the right and her fellow students at Hamilton Business College. 1929.
Pat Petersen
This is my husband's grandparents Laverne and Dave Cameron on January 18, 1933. It was taken the day after they were married by a justice of the peace in Vancouver, Washington. They went to Washington because they were too young to legally get married in their hometown of Portland Oregon.
Kristi Felbinger
Wedding in the 1920’s
Michele Faerber
Mark Winchester (Grandad) 1924
Ian Winchester
November 1916 Founder's Day
Alaire Outlaw
1915 - Is that little Wendell on left?
Dan Kasper
Lillian and Malcom Bean - 1928
Becky Bock
Helen and Henry Cooke— 1919
Amy Badertscher
John Crittington Vanbebber and Martha Virginia (Ashton) Vanbebber with two youngest Clarence Vanbebber & Alma Vanbebber at the original homestead in Bowie, Montague County, Texas about 1915 (K)
Teresa Comstock Vanbebber
Emanuel Wozniak and Angela Satka June 18 1927 Bridesmaid behind bride is Stella Satka Groomsman behind groom is Emil Wozniak
Mary Fieber
Mi bisabuela cubana vistiendo el traje típico de Panama. 1921
Julio Villarreal
Mi tatarabuelo español con mi bisabuela y mis tías bisabuelas cubanas en la Habaha, Cuba en 1920
Julio Villarreal
Sophie Blom
Euphemia and David’s wedding in 1921 Elizabeth flower girl joke best man christina brides maid
Hannah Bourhill
Possibly taken in Haddam Ct 1920’s
matt swi
Joan Caroline Patch 1934 to 1979
Susannah Goldman
Axel Olof 2 år 1923
Karin Nordström
Mi abuelo a los 16 años en 1919
guillermo vazquez
My late mother Janet (1932-2007) taking it easy in the hills of her native Scotland. 1950.
Deband Col Rogers
Hilda Coetzee
Audrey Light - Nurse at Naracoorte Hospital early 1920’s
Deb Bott
Grandma Marie and her brothers 1920
Sheri Blair
Bert Cleary 1916 1st WW
Gail Bryant
Studentfoto Malmö studenter 1917. Philip Voss
Jon Voss
Familie van mam in 1935. Mam was 7 jr.
Orlando Ramakers
Two mules named Kit & Molly taken in cir. 1930 in Bleakwood by the Daniel family
Herb Daniel
Mother’s class photo circa 1920 St Joseph’s school S S Marie
Gerry Fucile
École libre de Sucé-sur-Erdre année 1923/1924
Photomyne User
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